Things you'd like to try making ...

which you know you’ll never actually bother doing

  • Mango chutney

brussel sprout kimchi

think i might actually do this though

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A go of it


My own pizza.

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My own furniture. Maybe a nice chair, but start with a coffee table or something.

That’s why food is such a good creative activity. You make your own mango chutney and it’s a 6/10 chutney - no biggie, just eat it up and do better next time. You make your own coffee table and it’s a 6/10 coffee table - you’re stuck with it for life! (Or until you take it to the household waste recycling centre).

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A bridge.


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Hay whilst the sun shines.

Oh and Baba Ganoush

It’s really good. I made a jar for my parents for Christmas a few years ago and the ungrateful bastards didn’t finish it


think it was yourself that inspired me to try it, haven’t been able to find any sprouts the past couple of times i’ve been in kimchi making mode though

Pottery, a nice vase or something maybe.


A novel

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I made my own kimchi last year, but not brussel sprout kimchi, that sounds interesting! :slight_smile:

Arcade machine.

Beer too, always fancied having a go at some proper homebrew.

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Cocktails. But the initial outlay on spirits and stuff is too much.

Pretty easy actually

Do model train sets count?

A media cabinet from wood with my own tools

I’m not kidding, i’m that boring