Things you'd managed to avoid until recently (rolling)

obviously our theo and the snickers, mars bar and twix debacle probably means we’ve done this thread recently, but i think we should have a rolling thread tbh

the brittas empire, today

Just used the rear lift in my office for the first time ever after working here for over 8 years now


The Wire
I watched two-thirds of episode one a couple of weeks ago.

this is outstanding commitment to the cause

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were you actively avoiding it?

Stacey Solomon

I think so.
I had been actively avoiding all ‘box sets’ for a long time

how come? scared of becoming addicted to old episodes of goodnight sweetheart?

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Selfie sticks. Had my first selfie stick selfie experience about a month ago.

Trampolines in back gardens. Had my first go on one in September. Then another two shortly after. Big fan of 'em.

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