Things your boss does that annoys you

Complete failure to respect meeting start and end times. As I have to go to another building for our meetings it means I often leave my desk 35min before the meeting actually gets going. Meetings can run over by 90 min wreaking havoc with later appointments and making me look bad in the process. They know that I’m a stickler for timekeeping and that this upsets me, but they don’t care.

Ok your turn. (Those of you that have had warnings for dissing at work may want to hold back on this one).

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replying to pretty much any request or question from anyone in the entire company with “breakfast_t_england can help you with this”, cc’ing me in, regardless of my current workload or whether it’s even remotely something i know about or could actually do.

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goes to starbucks and will order a wet cappuccino and get all huffy about how it’s not wet enough but won’t order a fucking latte which is what he wants

fucking tit

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Isn’t all coffee wet?


Voted for Trump

mic drop

likes to have a ‘catch up’ at 6:30 when i’m walking out of the door and then always finds another hour’s work for me to do. i’ve tried to mitigate it by trying to preempttively do things i think he might ask for, but he somehow always finds something. every time i’m like ‘sorry i can’t tonight, i have plans’ he has a sulk so i just do it like a mug.

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what in jehovah’s name is a ‘wet cappucino’?

also you had me at ‘goes to starbucks’


I really hate that. Had one boss that was really bad, so I’d always say “Can’t tonight, how about we meet at 7:30am tomorrow?” to which he’d always reply “Err, I can’t meet that early” which I think made my point, as he eventually stopped doing it.


Rubs his face while talking

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Is here too much. Aren’t bosses supposed to be mega busy with important meetings about every single thing and stuff?

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Voted for Brexit

Sits at the desk immediately behind me and turns round unexpectedly when I am posti-


Good tactic but my boss seems to be in the office about 18 hours a day at the minute so he’d probably go for it.

So my immediate boss left last week. In the power vacuum a person who does the same thing as me (but has been doing it longer) has already begun telling me to do things by a certain time - something the original manager never did. One way ticket to Beeve Town coming up!


Ah right. One of ‘those people’.

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Ignoring proper job which is mad bants, I also work at the family pub. There’s a great habit of a mass text going out saying “TILL WAS £££ DOWN LAST NIGHT ANY IDEAS??!!” then it’s revealed that someone paid for a delivery and the invoice wasn’t in the till, but this isn’t ever communicated to all those who got sent the text :joy: ffs

My current boss is alright really. I’m mean he changes his names for things/approach/processes every week but I’ve got used to that. Only really annoying habit is not proofing the emails he sends on his phone. The cream of the crop of these (which I have saved in its own special folder) was a reply that simply said:

“r he probl”

Takes phone calls in meetings that turn out to be from PPI claim companies, then loses his shit telling them he’s in a meeting and they’ve called him out of it.



will offer absolutely zero constructive advice if its on a topic that he’s not immediately interested in.
also, his profile picture on his computer is a cartoon of himself, but with a lot more hair than his real life head. not annoying - just sad.

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