Things your friends have done recently that have slightly bothered you

my friend tried to clean a really fucking dirty record with my anti-static brush. told him to not do that again. he made some comment under his breath and we moved on with our evening

*things your friends have done recently that have slightly bothered you

@1101010 can you amend that heading please?

One of my mates lives in proper squalor, just doesnt clwan their place at all. Counted 13 empty toilet roll holders in their bathroom

unless I had to live with this guy, this wouldn’t really bother me. we’re all fucking cunts at the end of the day

One of my friends is a compulsive liar who thinks he’s Fido Dido. Really annoying, maaaan.

sounds like a solid character. can you hook me up with some contact details?

Yeah it doesnt bother me, ita quite funny going round to see what surprises are in storez its just a bit grim

annoys me when they’re too busy to hang out :middle_finger:

It seems @Avery was kind enough to do it.

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Was this annoying because your anti-static brush shouldn’t be used for that level of dirt, or because you liked that record covered in crud for some reason? Or was it just the way he went about it?

the former. it’s like wiping your dirty ass with a handkerchief innit

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Made a popular indie music forum think I’m a cunt by having unreasonable lift expectations.

How do you clean such a record? Is it a lightly soapy water job or just use a lint-free cloth (not that I really know what that is. A Jay cloth maybe - Aussies have a special term for a jay cloth)

not found a solid method, man. usually just use filtered, warm water and a nice cloth. does an ok job with stuff that’s a little bit grubby

most of my records are crazy clean anyway and all the filthy, beat up place-holders don’t go anywhere near the stylus


But isn’t running the stylus through probably the best way to clean the record? Maybe you need a shitty player with an old stylus to clean the groove then you play it on your proper player?

thought this was going to be an epimer thread

never heard of this, man. never. sounds like an absolutely stupid idea though

I mean to get the dust out. When I grabbed one of my mum’s old records the first play would just end up sounding awful with a load of fluff being pushed out of the grove and sitting on the stylus.

When the record side ended you blow that away and play it again and it sounded as good as you could expect from a not too well kept piece of 50 year old plastic.

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The best thing to use is a record brush. You just run them around the record and they clean out the dust and are anti-static.

Don’t ever try to clean a record with a stylus - it’ll fuck the stylus up and risk scratching the record.

Fair dos. I have an antistatic brush these days and it’s pretty sweet.