Things your Nan has said about neighbours' vegetable patches

Fond memories of Nan Saps dismissing her neighbour’s intolerance of her cat going in his garden.

“he’s only got a few pissy lettuces”.

If you want to make this less niche, just post things your Nans have said.

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‘nan’s apps’

Knitting, Crossword/Wordsearch, mild racism apps ALL PRESENTED IN


Epimer, can you patent this for me please? Thanks

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what is / was your gran called:

  • gran
  • granny
  • nan
  • nanna
  • grandma
  • some other bullshit

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one is grandma, one was nana. gotta differentiate.


have to cut short my visits to my g-ma when she starts being racist or otherwise offensive. last time she said she wasn’t surprised that george michael died coz he was a neurotic and a druggy. :cry:

How many surviving grandparents have you got

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 4 (step-grandparents etc.)

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hmmm, >4 didn’t show up for some reason, that’s the final option obviously

I really want to start a thread about growing veg, does anyone here grow their own veg? thewarn? Em?


Had all four until I was sixteen. I think I got really lucky in that regard, got to know them all as people.

Only have Nanny Peggy left now. Love her to bits, even if she does continually question me as to my lack of a girlfriend and a normal job. Can’t remember any particular bon mots from recent times though.

Oma, you massive racist.

(Not the first time I’ve said that!!)

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To my granddad in the pub…

‘Charlie look, look she’s flat, she’s got nothing up top’.

Always called my gran by her first name as she didn’t want to be called “gran” etc as it made her feel old. Fair enough, really.

The Irish ones had a neighbour that was called Arthur, they called him Half-Hearted Arthur behind his back and thought it HILARIOUS.