Things your parent(s) wouldn't allow you to have as a child

Inspired by this image that @Matt_was_taken posted in the daily thread:

For some reason, my parents refused to buy me Mouse Trap for my birthday / Christmas despite sustained efforts. You know, I don’t think I once got to play Mouse Trap during my childhood.

We were also discouraged from games consoles though I don’t think I was ever refused one, and I used to play games on my dad’s PC.

What about you? Did any of you grow up in a home without a television (for ideological reasons)? Anything else? Hungry Hippos, maybe?

They were right, though. My granny bought it and basically no one ever played the actual game, you just set it all up, let it go a few times then put it away again.

My mum would never let me have things like Transformers toys or the like. She believed that such toys would just be ignored soon after, so she wanted me to concentrate on Lego (which I did love) and that sort of thing.

Scalextric. Hurts to this day.

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nothing really tbh


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I think that this was my dad’s logic.

my mum bought me a Grifter instead of a BMX - when I really wanted and specifically requested a BMX. That really smarted and still makes me annoyed (I was literally the only boy in school who didn’t get a raleigh burner for xmas that year)

A video recorder. They held out for a ridiculously long time. When they finally got one they used it loads.

I really recollect a lot of use of ‘nine day wonder’ (different parents had different numbers of days) when parents would talk about toys you were allowed. My mum was a big believer in maximum value from a toy and so was inherently suspicious of toys that were just ‘of the moment’. Board games tended to be bought if they had a proven track record. Probably Trivial Pursuit didn’t even get in the house until sustained yeas of it being rated highly.

I always wanted Mouse Trap but never got it too!

Also this:

My wife wasn’t allowed a GameBoy by her parents because “it’s called a Game Boy for a reason” :smiley:

Shitting hell!

I don’t think that was their genuine reason for not getting her one, but it’s what they used to tell her.

Buy me Bonestorm or go to hell!


trainers where the heel lights up when you step on them

not for ideological reasons, think they were just too expensive


they’ve done you a favour there to be fair

A skateboard.

Probably out of fear of me breaking multiple bones, which is probably fair enough.

some of my happiest childhood memories were formed playing scalextric with my friends

jokes on them cos I’ll be picking their care home one day


Not even Trivial Pursuit’s, Genius edition?

make sure you put them in one which has light-up everything - beds, wheelchairs, commodes etc

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I wanted one of those wooden train sets, are they called biro? I ended up getting an electric train set instead which probably made more sense but I was devoed on christmas day.