things your parents do and don't know

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you tried smoking weed at least once (anon poll)

  • my parent/s know/s
  • my parent/s don’t know/s
  • I haven’t done that

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pretty much everything about my personal life tbh


I wasn’t even allowed to watch Mr Bean as a kid without my parents pre-recording it on VHS and vetting that it was suitable for us.

They know nothing about any of the illicit or illicit-adjacent things I’ve done

what were they expecting in Mr Bean!?

Blasphemy probably


They don’t technically know but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a surprise.

When I was a teen they always assumed I was up to worse stuff than I actually was, because I was actually quite boring. Eg i got a “we know what you’re up to” talk about spending time with a boy they assumed I was shagging when we were actually just friends. Pretty sure my mum found and confiscated a packet of fags in my coat pocket that she must have assumed were mine that genuinely weren’t mine and I didn’t smoke.


My dad would disown me if he knew I had smoked the marijuana like a cigarette.

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what your job actually involves

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  • don’t know
  • m8 i don’t even know

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How tall the world’s tallest ever man was

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  • Don’t know

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I doubt mine even know his name


When I was about 15 my mum had my aunty and uncle round to help her do something on the family computer. They all went upstairs with my sister in tow.

When they came down they both gave me a hug and apologised profusely for some reason but didn’t tell me why. When my mum showed them out of the door she revealed that they had looked at the internet search history and every day for the last 40 days (the limit of the history) they had found dozens of porn sites. My mum claimed I had put her job at risk because you had to be 18 to look at those sites and I had therefore broken the law and we were all at risk of police action. My sister said I was a pig.

So my mum and my sister know I like wanking.


How to transfer things from their phone to their computer

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  • Do not know

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I just found out the name and height of the world’s tallest woman

oh no

Living or deceased?

I used to use the family computer to go on AOL chat rooms but I didn’t realise IMing was a thing so my mum would go on and get loads of messages like ‘Hiya big boy ;)’ and ‘Oooh cum all over my back’, etc.



Yeah my mum once found a lighter in my pocket that I’d genuinely just picked up off the floor somewhere, and gave me a grilling about the dangers of smoking, which I’d never had any interest in.

I was always very well behaved, I think I probably got the occasional warning about drugs, as little as I needed it. Then a couple of years ago they went to Amsterdam and had cannabis brownies! Fucking hypocrites.


My dad would know but would choose an overly complicated way and complain that he couldn’t do it exactly how he thought it should be done. My mum would get my dad to do it and then complain when he chose an overly complicated way etc.

Sorry, this has properly done me.

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My dad understands my jobs so little that once when I was working in a customer service call centre for a retailer and he had a query about his loyalty card for that retailer, he rang up my workplace without realising that I worked there and he could just ask me.