things your parents do and don't know

Alive and in Turkey!

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My parents wouldn’t let me wear nail polish on a holiday to visit my nan when I was 14 because “she’ll think you’re a prostitute”. 14! Then when we got there they told her anyway that I’d been wearing nail polish and she said “let the poor girl do what she wants”. Thanks nan.


I didn’t do much drugs in my youth because I’m of a very delicate constitution so they never really got on with me. But when I had them I did carry them around in a little tin with a picture of his holiness Pope John Paul II which my grandma got from Rome in the 80s and used to keep rosary in. My parents found it in my drawers with a little empty bag with pictures of leaves on it after I’d moved out. Luckily the drugs, the blasphemy and the desecration of a deceased relative’s treasured heirloom didn’t make them hit the fucking roof as I thought it would, they found it kinda funny. They’d definitely have made my life not worth living if they found it at the time tho.


do you parents know that you’re on DiS or anything at all about this website

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my mum didn’t know what a crosshair was until i explained the lyrics to Take Me Out by FF

Oh that’s not really what this thread is. Nonetheless

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I’m not sure what my parents genuinely do and don’t know about me. I expect it is probably more than they let on.

for me it’s yes

@ghostpony (are you here under a different name?) wanted some random British things to use as teaching materials when teaching English in… was it Austria? I was at my parents house that weekend so my mum helped out by sending some random bits, postcards, village magazine maybe

so my mum has actually been in contact with a DiSer

funniest thing was that ghostpony then posted a new thread asking who [my legal name] was haha

When I was 19 I went to Amsterdam with 3 friends over the summer holidays. I didn’t want to tell them where we were going so I told my parents that we were going to Paris which my friends thought was hilarious.

My dad came to pick us up from the railway station to give us a lift home and greeted is with a loud “bonjour!” Which my friends all cracked up over.

In the car we made up various things we had done in Paris and dad said that he was a bit worried whether we would get back because there were blockades at calais by lorry drivers but we said the eurostar was still running.

Anyway, 2 of my mates were best men at my wedding and took great relish in telling the story in their speech. So my parents know that.


Don’t know anything really and don’t have any interest.

Did everyone have that one friend who weirdly told their parents everything?

I kept it secret despite literally taking them to an event with several DiSers

Genuinely in awe of my stealth skills


Don’t know if my mum knows about weed but her and my dad both went through a phase of trying it out independently of each other but for some reason sharing the intel with me. My mum was scoffing brownies full of the stuff in the office and my dad started smoking it for pain relief. I took advantage of this by smoking it out of the loft window knowing neither of them would react to the smell in case they were simply getting a whiff of their own stash and couldn’t raise it without alerting the other to their secret.

I don’t even like weed but thought might as well take advantage of a totally off brand relaxing of rules in a strict household.


When I was younger I used to hide my weed tin amongst my underwear - underwear which my parents laundered for me, so of course it was a terrible hiding place.

Every now and then, I’d get back to my room and find the tin on top of my chest of drawers, and in a stoner panic, I’d think that I’d left it out by mistake; pretty unlikely as I never smoked at home, and whenever I got back home I’d immediately smuggle it back in and ‘hide’ it.

It was only later in life that I realised that my parents must have been leaving it there to let me know that they’d found it, though they never mentioned anything to me.

Many years later, after my dad died, I was having a drunken chat with my mum and mentioned about smoking weed as a youngster, and she was shocked - she had absolutely no idea I’d been smoking. So I asked her, why did she always leave my tin out then? She said she never did that and had no idea about it.

So all along it must have been my dad finding it and leaving it out as a warning, but he never told my mum about it. Pretty chill of him tbf. Either that or I was even worse at hiding it than I thought.


He was probably smoking your weed m9


When I was 16, my sister and her friend found an illustrated erotic story I’d been writing in a notebook and took it to my parents with the intention of getting me in trouble. My dad, being an appreciater of art, and my mum, an enthusiast of yer Jilly Cooper-type shopping & fucking literature, handed it back to me with a “S’pretty good, actually”.

Was obviously still mortified.


I oftentimes smoke weed with my pa and listen to music and have a nice chat because he’s a good and nice man and we enjoy each others company


Ha, reeeeally not his style and I definitely would have noticed if he’d taken anything from the teenth of dog bar in there!

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Trying and failing to think of a pun for this. Scary Jane is the best I can do and it’s terrible

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Ma will warn ya.


Think I told my mum whenever questioned about any drug stuff as a child, mainly as she was asking out of interest/concern rather than to give me a bollocking.

You used to take their car for late night spins despite not having a license and/or being underage, while they were in hospital recovering from cancer

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