Things your parents said/did that you swore you'd never say/do...

… but you say/do them now

Enjoy gardening
Enjoy going on long walks in the countryside


Listen to Radio 2.

Very much ^this. I remember the idea of walking in some remote part of the countryside was my idea of hell when I was a teenager, now spend my Sat/Sun mornings doing it


I’m not entirely sure but the one thing I try to never say as a parent is ‘we’ll see’ - I hated this so much as a kid, like just say no or talk to me about it rather than fobbing me off so I try to keep that in check. I say almost all the same phrases and do all the same things otherwise and I just can’t fight it anymore!


Judge what the young people are wearing (was good at this until the recent resurgence of 90s fashion).

Stop listening to Radio 1.

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Smoking but I’ve stopped that now.

Not that I swore I wouldn’t do it but whenever my dad would barter in a market I’d get so embarrassed, but now I always do it


whistle (pretty) tunelessly

My mum always used to say things were ‘one of life’s little mysteries’ when she didn’t know something, so now I always try to find an answer to anything my 3 year old asks - much easier now than in the 80s of course.

Can be exhausting though - my daughter woke me up screaming from her room at 6am the other day, I rushed in to see what was wrong, and she just said, ‘daddy, are hedgehogs vegan?’ Told her I wasn’t sure and she just yelled ‘GOOGLE IT!’ at me.

Fortunately she’s also figured out that a lot of questions she asks end up being answered by Alexa anyway, so she’s learnt to cut out the middleman and just ask her instead.


I always swore I’d never start telling someone something and then be like “oh, doesn’t matter”. My mum does that ALL the time. But I have occasionally done it if I think someone’s not paying attention lol.

I try to be more positive/chill than they are about everything. Honestly, their reactions are always at 100 and it shreds my nerves.

I wish I had picked up my stepdad’s grafter and cleanliness nature, though. I’m so fucking lazy.

Walk around my house turning lights and the heating off.

Insisting we eat vegetables.


Sticking a banana in someone’s ear and yelling bang!

That pissed me off so much as a kid. :confused:

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Look at estate agents windows


I beg your pardon

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Sorry, I’ll remove the banana. Can you hear me now?


Unavoidable because they keep asking questions where you literally can’t answer about the future until there is more evidence.

Poor @froglet


You could say ‘i’ll decide at the time when we know more’, which I know is effectively the same thing but with more reason to it than we’ll see. We’ll see in my childhood just meant no, never that they literally couldn’t answer because of hard to predict future circumstances and that’s the way in which I don’t want to ever use it. It gives an, albeit flimsy, illusion of hope when you have no intention to come through and should just say no instead.

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