Things you're apparently not allowed to like despite their obvious quality



Get all uptight below…


You’re about 25 years too old to listen to foals without going on some sort of register


Interested in a debate about quality vs taste here.

Re banksy and brewdog, they’re generally not to my taste.

Don’t listen to/read foals or Kerouac so won’t comment.

Subway is obviously very low down in terms of quality of you were to rank all available sandwiches


If you saw someone reading Kerouac while listening to Foals you’d assume they were awful though. Probably a student to boot.


Kerouac remains great, especially in comparison to some of his peers. He always gets a pass. But you’re right, people get shitty about him and it’s just kind of sad.


I’m too happy with my own life to notice what other people are reading, really.

It must be so tiring judging everybody.


Obvious quality?


Like or can at least see the appeal in most of them. Subway is awful shit for babies though


People who say stuff like this merely come across as being quite lonely and judgemental, though.


Kerouac is ace. Read Big Sur recently such a bitter-sweet book.


Is breathing tiring?


You seem to notice a lot of things


haven’t read Catcher in the Rye or On the Road since I was a teenager but I assume they’re still, in relative terms, pretty decent books


Subway’s quite nice. Can’t imagine thinking some sandwiches are awful.


Brewdog certainly seem to be winning the DiS boards currently at least…


I love ‘On The Road’, and I don’t it’s all that problematic, given we’re not supposed to think Dean is a good person. you get sucked in by his personality and feel bad about it.


Foals, though? what’s the appeal?

didn’t even like them when they were supposed to be alright.


i wanted to like On The Road but it’s really really boring.

and Dean is just like the really annoying kid you knew at school who you try to avoid now even though he always insists on talking to you at length every time you bump into him in the pub.


boring? heard people call it many things but not that. I thought it was a proper thrill. like, I was really taken in by Dean’s buzz at just being alive. it ran through all the prose, for me, so much so that I totally bought that myth of it being done on one long manuscript in a day or something.


Baby horses - great
Foals the band - bit boring