Things you're currently looking forward to


Because it can’t all be bad.

  • Future of the Left gig in a couple of weeks


Time off work over Chrimbus.

  • Milan next Sunday
  • Christmas
  • The next Utd game at any given point in time




Los Campesinos gig in December
Something exciting I’m not allowed to talk about yet
Christmas break I guess (haven’t quite worked out what I’ll get)
More NFL football


lemon twigs in a couple of weeks
my bro and one of my all time dogs coming back to glasgow for the festive period


Rejected Grandmaster Flash lyrics?


My bed after work
Placebo gig in December
Seeing ATDs over Christmas
Flaming Lips gig in January


Bit familiar, but I’ll allow it.


Was going to go with Communards, myself.


Pub on Wednesday night.
Actually having money again now that I have a job.
Playing at least one more gig with Not Earth before the year ends.
Christmas at home with my family. First one in years we’ll all be at.


Trip to Hong Kong


Chance the rapper on Saturday
Birthday in a couple weeks


Adam & Joe Live
Slow Club at Union Chapel
Family Bowling Party in December
Decorating the house/tree
Christmas in general, love it SO MUCH

Iceland in January :slight_smile:
Malaysia in February :slight_smile:
Copenhagen in July :slight_smile:


Forgot about Adam & Joe. That too!


Moving flat on the 26th (although not excited about driving a van around London)
Related: my parents are coming down to help us move and bringing our dog
Christmas with the in-laws in Nashville
Finally seeing Wilco at the weekend
Boris in December
My wee brother coming down for Clutch 2 days after Boris


Oh shit, I’d forgotten about that! Add it to the list.

  • seeing my gerbils’ cute furry faces when I get home tonight!!! (True every day but especially when I’ve been away for a few days)
  • exam being over (and hopefully passed)
  • Birmingham tournament in Dec
  • New Year in Northern Ireland
  • Lincoln tournament in Jan


I keep forgetting about it then getting VERY excited when I notice it in my calendar - they’ve been incredible both times I’ve seen them in the past.


Things might miraculously get better? Sticking around for a bit just in case.