Things you're currently looking forward to


Oh shit, I’d forgotten about that! Add it to the list.

  • seeing my gerbils’ cute furry faces when I get home tonight!!! (True every day but especially when I’ve been away for a few days)
  • exam being over (and hopefully passed)
  • Birmingham tournament in Dec
  • New Year in Northern Ireland
  • Lincoln tournament in Jan


I keep forgetting about it then getting VERY excited when I notice it in my calendar - they’ve been incredible both times I’ve seen them in the past.


Things might miraculously get better? Sticking around for a bit just in case.


Planet Earth 3


Finishing work for the year on 13th December and flying out to Amsterdam for a few nights on the 14th




I’m also really looking forward to the DiS Secret Santa!!1!




Boxing Day


Pretty much every week/weekend from now on is full of good stuff leading up to me bailing from work on the 16th of December and not going back until 2017. It’s all gonna be good. Bloody love Christmas.

Also I think I’ve finally got my finances where I want 'em. After Christmas savings will be what I want, credit card will be finally back down to zero, student loan is paid off in full and I’ll get a nifty little payrise in January. Should be able to start ploughing loads more into my pension while I can. Really looking forward to that being a load off the old mind.


death’s sweet embrace



Off for something to eat at graphene and a gig on Wednesday
Electric six next week
Then cinema to see 'your name’
Then autechre
Plus a couple of days off work for my birthday
Off to watch Man city v celtic
Boris live
Then Christmas
Japan in March.



Seeing them in Manchester… where about are you seeing them?


finishing this essay and drinking beer and shmokin rollies after finishing this essay
the new star wars



ALWAYS :boom:

have fun! :grin:


Celebrating my birthday this Saturday! Having a big party with family and friends.

Also: Finding out if I get this job or not, because waiting sucks.

Also: Spending almost 3 weeks around Christmas and New Years in Chile where my sister lives! <3

Also: Favourite film festival in January <3