Things you're currently putting off

  • mowing the lawns
  • re-installing Windows / full factory reset on the laptop
  • booking holiday accommodation


Back to school planning and stuff

Going to the doctor

  • literally every single thing I need to do at work
  • getting my sister’s birthday present fixed (voucher for a spa thing - they sent a blank one)
  • dentist

Getting out of bed

You’re in the wrong place for that :wink:


basically everything in my life


Probably all the same things as last time we had this audit, plus more.

Still haven’t changed my name details with some things (3+ years late here), should probably get that sorted.

Putting hamster cage on for sale Facebook group

School planning Hi5 @gonad

Sorting out a garden plan

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Speaking to the insurers about suspected subsidence in the back of the house
Decorating any of the rooms towards the back of the house (see previous point)
Booking anything to do with our big month long holiday - hopefully once we get flights booked everything else will fall into place quite quickly
Loads of work stuff

yeah same

how do people do … stuff? I can’t work it out

Fear, mostly

I learnt yesterday when speaking to my insurers that the standard excess of £200 doesn’t apply to water damage (£450 for me) or subsidence (1k).

but that also puts me off

what a bind


Yeah - we know about the subsidence excess. But if it is subsidence the work that they’ll end up doing is probably going to be a five figure sum, and if it’s not subsidence then it’s the price of peace of mind.

Well yeah, I imagine the ceiling I will be getting replaced will be a lot more than £450 excess + £140 plumber. However I was unaware of the different levels before yesterday’s call because I am a maverick who doesn’t give a fuck (but might in the future).

thinly veiled “i have more than one lawn” thread

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Tax return
Wedding planning
Your mum’s advances

The last one is a joke

having a shower

currently need to renew my passport which expired a couple of months ago, make a second attempt at registering with a GP (manage to make the effort to do it the first time only for them to lose my form, which is not at all encouraging for a chronic procrastinator)

also had a back tooth that needs sorting that i’ve never got round to going to the dentist about cos it doesn’t hurt. should probably sort that,

this thread has reminded me though to update my address on the electoral register which i am doing now

(you couldn’t do it online in NI until very recently which is why i’ve left it a year)