Things you're currently putting off


I’ve got a series of increasingly persistent emails from the insurance company about getting a refund on my excess for the time that some twat drove into my car in an empty part of a car park then denied all knowledge of it.

Thing is, my car’s fixed, I didn’t have to pay an excess at the time, and I’m not out of pocket, so I can’t be arsed with all the phone call shite. This is almost certainly a terrible idea.

Also paying that tax bill that Hammond did me with.

Also about £700 worth of expenses.


Getting out of bed


It’s not worth it.


Just don’t do it then? (The insurance bit anywho)


Way ahead of you.


Have a pina colada for lunch


Filing e-mails, filling in timesheets and completing my CPD record.




Operating like a normal person.


Calling First Direct.

Going to Superdrug to get some more Sinex whatever.

Lots of work.

Telling work I can no longer make our Christmas meal.


What are your profession’s requirements?


Writing a covering letter


*look up CPD requirements

This is my first year of having to do it so I’m not up on the specifics. Back of the envelope calculations say I’ve done about double what I need to (had a course that was worth silly hours per day)


Making music


Yeah, it’s quite easy for me to meet too (especially as I read lots of design/architecture blogs and books), but it’s the ballache of filling in the on-line record and assigning points to everything…


Watching Grand Designs or visiting buildings/exhibitions count for us too!


I’m just in a “productive phase” after having put off loads of stuff for ages. Things I’ve recently got round to:

  • organising volunteers for the foodbank supermarket collection
  • loads of Christmassy stuff
  • car booked in to the garage




Rearranging my dentist appointment. My teeth are fine atm


Updating my CV but that’s at the top of a very long list of things to do.