Things you're going to get into in a big way in 2020, but really you know that you're going to half-arse it and give up after 2 weeks, tops

I’ve ordered a book about typography.


A few films I want to go and see this month which is making me think I’m going to get really into going to the cinema all the time but I’ll probably mostly give up after January again like last year

Going to flirt with driving again I reckon. Maybe a motorcycle for maximum cringe




Moving house on Friday and me and the TV are convinced the next house will be a beautiful, neat tidy haven and we’ll keep it that way FOREVER.

Will we bollocks

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Some sort video game that isn’t FIFA.

Pro evo?



Get loads and loads and loads of storage options. Way more than you think you need. I have learned that this is key, or I just move the piles of stuff around.

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Great advice! I’m even thinking of BUYING a SHED to put my drum kit in

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I’m thinking of replacing our shed with a slightly bigger shed this year. It’s a bit extravagant, I know, but life’s too short.

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Life’s too short and shed’s too small. I say do it. Live a little, Eppers

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Going to print out this post to show to the council in lieu of obtaining actual planning permission.

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You’re like the man from jaws but with a shed instead of a boat

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Do you have a shed guy by any chance?

Don’t even have a shed, guy

I’ve got 7!!!

Exercise. Same as every other year.

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