Things you're going to get into in a big way in 2020, but really you know that you're going to half-arse it and give up after 2 weeks, tops

I’ve been thinking about the language to start learning

You probably don’t need planning permission

An article about planning permission on a website about sheds, this new year is roaring ahead eh


Oh I might get into growing veg? My family house has a big back yard doing nothing. Planning on starting with some herbs in my flat because no idea where to start really

I mean, I say “shed”, but I really mean towering monument to man’s arrogance/need for storage space

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Save it for Thursetc

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Walking to work (half an hour, physical exertion) instead of getting the bus (ten minutes, no physical exertion)

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This made me really closely check the spelling of the first word of my post.