Things you're grateful for

In the space of three days I managed to misplace both a mudguard when out on a mountain bike ride, and my bank card.

Found both. Mudguard in the depths of the forest, and bank card in the back seat well of my friend’s car.



I bought a plug-in fan heater for my car, which seems to help de-mist the windows (the heating is broken). It’s not the most stylish of things, but it’s saved me around £1,600 (which was the quote I had for replacement heating)


my new job. If I’d be stuck in awful jobs like I had for the last three years, I don’t think I’d have coped with the last few months. Has given me some nice stability when everything else has been rough.

Also, my mum. What an angel.

Oh and orange Clubs


My neighbours for sharing childcare, cat feeds, leftovers, and bike pumps.

My bf for sticking with me when my mental health made me unbearable

M for walking fast for a kid

Mister Choc for delicious chocolate fingers

My landlady for giving me cheap rent

My nan for encouraging me to walk loads


The album “Punisher” by US rock musician Phoebe Bridgers


My son! Giver of the best hugs and a wonderful gentle soul.

My cat. He diabetic and has bounced back from being nearly dead. Of course he would’ve come back as a force ghost to offer guidance, but I’m not sure he’d be as warm and soft in ghost form.

Google maps.



KEXP John in the Morning show!

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My tortoise

And Joe


Yeah, satnav man. I never really drove before it was a useful thing, but fucking hell, I can’t imagine life without it. I can read an OS map or an A to Z fine, but it’s the hassle of it. Drive up to the Midlands at the weekend to visit various relatives and my dad was throwing loads of shit at me, “When you get the petrol station it’s left but not the first left, go round the cafe and there’s a lay-by”, chill out man, just give me the postcode I’ll get there fine.


Having had the opportunity to see Low a few times over the years.


My mum - posted a finished Rubik’s cube on socials yesterday captioned “I feel invincible”, she replied with “You are invincible.”

The entire back catalogue of the band Low :broken_heart:

My housemate - we are having a remote-working solidarity day. He says, “I feel like death and don’t want to work”, I say “me too”.


The one lady at the pharmacy who is always nice to me and helps me out


I didn’t drive until I moved here when I was 30. I feel as though my brain just can’t learn directions by car. My job is basically driving around all day in a giant Chevy van. I’d be utterly screwed if it ever went down.

Meeting someone that’s dead nice and them liking me back
Said persons amazing dog who’s completely changed my dog views
My mum and dad being sound and chill
My mates always looking out for each other and being open about mental health stuff despite it also being mad laddy at times.


Often think all the colours of the sky - during sunset, sunrise and always - are alone a good enough reason to be alive really.


My pals
My waifu
My stupid collection of records and games
My job
My location


I’m not happy with my job and want to leave but they also installed a new heater for our room today which is nice.

The smell of the mcvities factory