Things you're in to, but not to an obsessional level


I like to ride bikes. can’t see me ever doing anything other than riding bikes in shorts and t though. I sometimes dream about bikes, but probably think about them for say 2% a week

stuff like that


[mum joke]



I play it semi-regularly. Follow how Liverpool are doing, look out for the result of a handful of other teams I have an affection for, but I’m not going to go to every match, watch every game, buy every shirt or play fantasy football. Too much going on in my life for all that.


yeah, I’m the same man. I find talking about football quite dull, to be totally honest.

I quite often find myself switching a game off after 60 minutes too. even the humdingers




Not much tbh. I’m either completely obsessed with stuff or completely disinterested. This is, of course, quite healthy. :grin:


beers. Like trying new shit, don’t mind shelling out a bit extra for something a bit special. All chat about hops and fermentation processes is proper dull, though



A million times this. Thing is… most things in this world are not for me. That’s fine. But it means I tend to go massively off the deep end for the few things that I like.



I’m the same with bands and buying their back catalogues.

It’s one of the reasons why, despite liking what I’ve heard of The Fall, I have steered clear of buying any of their albums.


coffee. I enjoy a great coffee, don’t get me wrong. but please don’t question me on the frother levels.


Beer. Specifically craft beer. A lot of it tastes great but I can’t talk about it for more than 80 seconds max without wanting to stab knives in my eyes.


this isn’t even a thing, that’s how little I care about it


^This, but for wine


All or nothing


how many did you score on the psychopath test dude?


My kids

Edit : this was loljokes




Not a massive Small Faces fan, eh?