Things you're not getting involved in

The wrestling one.
Just checked and she is, black hair must have thrown me

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My SIL want us to hang out with them and my niece…BUT they only go out at like 9am or 10am!!! Like hey come do this with us, okay when are you going, we’re aiming to be there at 10am Saturday. That means leaving at like 9am and getting up at 7:30 on a Saturday?!! I am childless!!! It’s also really hard to say no without looking like you’re a lazy cow!!! Like what’s the excuse?! Love you all so very much but I don’t wanna get up and be social that early??


Yep Reaction GIF by C H A R L Ö T T E


basically yeah!

I’d make a joke like you’re having a laugh if you think i can get there that early on my day off. See you at midday! (smiley face of course!)


Well also Saturday morning is the only time my husband and I can fit in our (separate) hobbies after a busy work week!
When you are childless, it does make you look a certain way and that way is selfish!!

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anything to do with the Euphoria cast or associated drama, apart from the show itself

the lager trend

Dunno, I don’t think I ever had much expectation of people being able to meet up with us because of precisely that madness of when we had to do timings. Was always, “we’ll be here around this time then here at that time, join if you can, cool”, etc.

Oh no, there’s a lager trend?

yeah, it’s stupid! Protect that time!

(as a parent i do look at childless people though and say - you fit around my plans as your life is freeeeeeeeeeee :wink: :smiley: )


Mutes Jaguarpirate again

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beer wankers have moved onto it in sheer desperation

im holding fast to the silly sours cheers

Oh you’re missing out massively on Fezco actor content, he’s even more “relaxed” than the character.

That’s then just a bit like “we don’t care if you come or not”

okay I could make a Fez exception

just miss me with the new Sydney/Hunter stuff

True crime podcasts


I think there’s been a lager trend for my entire life.

are you gonna buy that top or something

I don’t feel like the cycle is on lagers right now.

West coast IPAs feel like the thing again at the minute.