Things You're Not Sure If You've Done Or Not

I know it’s a cliche to be all haha can’t remember my 20s, but 26 and 27th years are genuinely missing from my mind

Not only am I 100% confident I’ve done this (and I was very good at it), but I am also 100% confident that I did archery within a few minutes of doing so as well (and was also very good at that too). What I can’t remember though is whose stag do it was.

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Ok, this is reassuring me that it did happen, it’s just my memory of what the abseiling was like that is wrong. It was on a school trip to Butlin’s Minehead ATP fans (if it did happen)

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They came over with Tad and Mudhoney I think, before I saw them.

I saw them at Reading in 91, then at the Astoria and The Kilburn National before seeing them again at Reading in 92.

Had a ticket for Brixton Academy in 94 too. Didn’t go ahead obviously.

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go on a steam train

You can’t make me.


Yeah pretty sure abseiling and the like were staples of shows like We Are The Champions and Why Don’t You and all that crap. Basically in the 1970s/80s kids weren’t allowed to play frisbee in electricity substations, but just about everything else was fair game.


I think the only one I can think of is: drink a yard of ale. On balance I don’t think I have done it, but I might have.

I’ve definitely tried this, never been successful though

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I love that the poll further back in the thread suggests that over half of people aren’t sure if they’ve done archery or not.

Surely we’re a standard cross-section of the public.

Quite often find since WFH I’ve no idea whether or not I’ve brushed my teeth that day. Think I have today, couldn’t say for sure though.

Yeah I definitely did abseiling as a yoot. Scared the shit out of me… Think I was about ten as I remember ghetto supastar was the anthem of the week.

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Not only have I definitely done archery, I have definitely done it both right and left handed.

Was told when I did it a few years ago that cos I’m left eye dominant, even though I’m right handed, I should try left handed. Seem to remember being roughly equally adequate each way.

Yeah we got dangled off some rocks by a bit of string whilst th geography teacher went for a cigarette so I’d say this is a yes.