Things you're picky about that you never expected to be picky about

Computer mice, for me. Got some “high resolution” gaming mouse (it doesn’t look like a stealth bomber or anything, just looks like a normal mouse) for my PC, got a cheap laptop mouse to use on my laptop when wfh, and I’m extremely irritated to learn that I can really, really tell the difference and the cheap one is now incredibly annoying to use.

See people think I’m a fussy nerd type but my most dominant personality trait is actually total, total apathy.

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Willies. Thought I’d want all of them. Now I just want the one.



Many different options are available but this is the only one that doesn’t foam up excessively when cleaning. I was so pissed off at the start of lockdown when I found the shelves had been stripped of it by The Morons

That is prong two of my two prong bathroom cleaning approach. It’s a good bleach spray.

I got some “method” brand kitchen cleaner as a substitution in an Ocado shop and it’s gone straight in at number one in the all time kitchen cleaning products list.

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Hair products

I bought a computer mouse that has a shitload of buttons on it, to enhance my MMO playing to legendary, but soon realised how dumb it was to assume that I, someone who still gets confused with the two standard buttons, would be able to handle 16.


What is your 1st prong?

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Show & tell pls


Let me see that proooooong baby, prong p-prong prong prong

Clothes. Never used to give a shit. Now it’s the thing I give a shit about more than pretty much anything else.

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I’m doubling up my sprays cos the water is so hard here, use a dedicated limescale one and a regular one. When I spray em both on I feel like a chemist

I use Viakal on metal bits.

I’ll only double up on sprays after checking the ingredients to make sure they’re not going to neutralise each other :nerd_face:

I will never feel like a chemist again

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I just had a lemon drizzle kit kat and it was bowk.



You say tomato