Things you're putting off

Have been putting off signing up for a BBC account on iPlayer for weeks now. beginning to stress me out a bit.

Taking my gas and electricity readings.

Putting my duvet cover back on my bed.

Sorting out my life.

Massive this (he says drinking a beer that cost £5.20)


Sorting out my finances/saving for a (rental) deposit

doing the last bits of exam revision before 9am tomorrow

When will they cut us off @profk

must be soon mate :frowning:


This is having a sorted life.

Nah, it’s not when you struggle through each month from pay check to pay check and prioritise wanky beer over other stuff

That’s definitely one way of looking at it!

I think thats the jist of it, yeah. ‘for now’, they won’t be using the details to enforce tv licence rules though. don’t really know whats stopping you from signing up with fake credentials though…

This poster. Finding a proper job. Getting fit and a girlfriend.

Thinking about pensions.

Expect by the time I’m old enough to see it the money will have no value and I’ll be bartering for water anyway.

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