Things you're usually into but cba with lately



usually a fan of mushrooms but can’t face em lately. were gonna have pasta with mushroom sauce the other night but i really didn’t fancy it and had to have something else.

what about ü?

(great thread)


I’m going to be making something mushroom based this evening!

CBA with bake-off this year. Probably always been shit tbh


A very slightly different nerdy card game to the current nerdy card game I’m really into.

It is literally hell on earth.




I just aint into it


I made vegan mushroom gyoza last night
They were delish


tv drama series. just don’t have the attention span


Oooh I’d be into that!





yeah I know right (pretty fucked as a vegan out and about now)


They came out pretttttyy good.

(this is pre-cooking)


Going to gigs, seemingly.

I’ve been to a few recently, but not nearly as many as I used to do.


I’m also really not into houmous. I’m not sure why but I’m just not a massive fan.


ah they look so much neater than whenever I make dumplings (do you do your own skin/casing/whatever the outside’s called?


I’ve also gone off coffee lately, dunno what’s going on


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:






Oooooh, life!


It’s the name of the game; and I wanna play the game with you!