Things you're usually into but cba with lately




Do do do do.


theatre / going to gigs / listening to music / boozing


going to the cinema


ooh because i’m a cyclist and i have an expensive bike and all i ever do is cycle :sleeping:


lol no


This is now the cycling thread


aww shieeeeeeeeeet




I’ve not been to the cinema or theatre as much this year either but think that’s more to do with there not being as much stuff that has inspired me / I’m being more picky.


love books but got no motivation for them atm


It is called skin (ew!) but no, I don’t make it. I could do as I have a pasta machine but I CBA.
They come frozen in packs of about 40 skins for £2 in the chinese supermarket.

Inside i just put mixed mushrooms, cabbage, soy sauce, chlli, garlic, ginger that have been fried up together


Nice, I homemake (but without a pasta machine, just tapioca pearls and water rolled out). Might give those a bash, reckon some cashews/peanuts would be pretty peng in there


started going to the library more lately instead of buying 2nd hand books and it’s increased my reading rate by loads. actually read books when there’s a time limit instead of just letting them pile up on my shelves


I had to google tapioca pearls and seen that these are the bubbles in boba tea


Life :tipping_hand_woman:


Getting out of bed. It’s cold.


Red wine - it’s one of my all time drinks but haven’t really enjoyed the bottles I’ve had this year. I did buy a joblot of cheap wine though, so maybe I just need to up my buying game.