Things you've been drinking/taking/eating that have made you feel just that little bit better than you used to feel


shit title, aye.

wheatgrass - shot in the morning. boom! no more constipation. solid, true shits, every time. skin seems a little better. nice, natural kick start to the day. only have it in powder form at the moment, unfortunately, but gonna grow me some soon, no question.

coconut chips - just eat these pricks like sweets. good for the gum, the tooth and pretty much every other part of the body

lemon water in the AM. kicks me into action like a true boss

probably other stuff, but I’m bored now



Shitload of coffee. It’s nature’s caffeine source. All natural.


Alcohol, obviously. Never fails.



Fuck, can I go again? Should have said I’m on this incredible all natural pick-me-up, and the amazing thing is that it’s just water and plant extracts.


Antidepressants, lol


no good at all, man. trying to take a more holistic approach to all things depression myself. I’ll keep ya posted with the results


fucking hell. this was to @whiterussian

depressed now


That new kit kat chuky cookie dough.

And ben and jerrys karamel sutra.

Cheer me up no end.


Those naked smoothies. 2.50 a pop but included in boots and tesco £3 meal deal. Cashback!


Sole. Drink of champions


When I have a curry, I no longer have any of the super hot meat options. I have a range of veggie sides and make my own thali. Loads leftover for lunches, and I don’t have a chilli ravaged arsehole the next day. If anything it makes for a truer turd.


Your username is a lie.

Ban request.


Bhuna request*


I’ve been slow cooking and tearing up chicken breasts and making low carb stew sauces with pulses and stuff to mix the chicken with and having it for lunch. filling, delicious and lasts the week.


Your username is a lie.

Ban request.


Irn Bru.

Especially when I’ve been abusing fermented wheat and barley drinks the previous evening.




An extra 25mcg of levothyroxine. Goodbye shitty moods and extreme lethargy!