Things you've bought while drunk

Seems to be a lot of stories of people buying ridiculous things while drunk, think a guy on DiS mate bought doors. I’ve never done anything weird or boughtanything I wouldnt normally. was gonna hope to buy selena gomez tickets and be intoxicated to justify it but shes cancelled the tour now

Used a bank card (whole) as a plectrum and fucked up my mates’ dad’s really expensive guitar. :confused:

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went through a stage of playing online poker while drunk and inevitably losing money.

one of my favourite artists announced a new album package (2xLP, tshirt, cassette, CD, poster, badges, etc) and it was like $100 from the US and i was pretty broke anyway but was drnk and HAD TO HAVE ITTTTTT. got an email through the next morning saying i hadn’t added any postage and it was $80 extra. :rage:

In my defence it was over a decade ago and, as the thread states, drunk…ok there is no defence.



Misread the OP.

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Fucking hell that is bad.


I have a real habit for buying t shirts while drunk. Usually stupid music parodies for way too much money.

Last one was a Jeremy Corbyn / Converge mashup. It hasn’t arrived yet but looks quite shit.

Worst (in terms of cost rather than design) was £40 on a Werner Herzog / Danzig one from the States. I obviously had some self control that night because the same website has a great Lars Von Trier / Van Halen shirt too.

uh huh

I can’t stop chuckling to myself here. Everything about that t shirt is awful Lonz, the colour, the picture, the words don’t even make sense.


Drinks for strangers

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uh huh

(body too similar)

Hermano’s shoes

HYG’s weird rocking chair

Balonz shit, shit t shirt


How often do you wear it please?

gonna have to see these

Most days.

In fact I don’t know what happened to it. I would like to get it framed as a monument to stupidity.

I hope you don’t mind but I’m borrowing it as my avatar picture.