Things you've bought while drunk


Seems to be a lot of stories of people buying ridiculous things while drunk, think a guy on DiS mate bought doors. I’ve never done anything weird or boughtanything I wouldnt normally. was gonna hope to buy selena gomez tickets and be intoxicated to justify it but shes cancelled the tour now


Back in the day used to wake up and realise id spent a fortune on music online


Got some good stuff though.


Used a bank card (whole) as a plectrum and fucked up my mates’ dad’s really expensive guitar. :confused:


so you bought a new guitar?

Or are you just going your own way with this thread?




went through a stage of playing online poker while drunk and inevitably losing money.


one of my favourite artists announced a new album package (2xLP, tshirt, cassette, CD, poster, badges, etc) and it was like $100 from the US and i was pretty broke anyway but was drnk and HAD TO HAVE ITTTTTT. got an email through the next morning saying i hadn’t added any postage and it was $80 extra. :rage:


In my defence it was over a decade ago and, as the thread states, drunk…ok there is no defence.



Misread the OP.


Fucking hell that is bad.


I have a real habit for buying t shirts while drunk. Usually stupid music parodies for way too much money.

Last one was a Jeremy Corbyn / Converge mashup. It hasn’t arrived yet but looks quite shit.

Worst (in terms of cost rather than design) was £40 on a Werner Herzog / Danzig one from the States. I obviously had some self control that night because the same website has a great Lars Von Trier / Van Halen shirt too.


uh huh


I can’t stop chuckling to myself here. Everything about that t shirt is awful Lonz, the colour, the picture, the words don’t even make sense.


Drinks for strangers


uh huh

(body too similar)


Hermano’s shoes

HYG’s weird rocking chair

Balonz shit, shit t shirt


How often do you wear it please?


gonna have to see these


Most days.

In fact I don’t know what happened to it. I would like to get it framed as a monument to stupidity.


I hope you don’t mind but I’m borrowing it as my avatar picture.