Things you've had forever/ Time-served consumer goods/ Making do or mending


I replaced my DVD player yesterday. I bought it in 2006.

The oldest item of clothing I wear outside of the house was purchased in 2008. It’s a blue/ white check shirt that I wore on my second date with Wor Lass and I am not allowed to throw it out.

What’s your oldest item of clothing and your oldest household item?


oldest household item is dining table from 2005 although about to get rid of it finally

oldest item of clothing must be a band tshirt i spose…


I need more a specific description of the tshirt.


well i have a LOT of band tshirts.

oh no. i know what it is and it’s a bit embarrassing. It’s a signed (all members of the band) Travis one :smiley:


oldest household item - my hifi stuff was purchased around the turn of the century

clothing - prob my denim jacket. It must be about 20 years old


I’ve got chisels and planes that were made before my grandad was born. Still perfectly functional.

T-shirts from 95, my stereo is from 94. Cutlery from the 60’s that my grandma gave me when I moved out for the first time. I hardly buy anything.


Sonic Youth t-shirt (26 years in September)

Pair of JBL speakers (approx. 25 years)


My Fender Champ is from '74 but I bought it used so don’t know if that counts. As for things I’ve had from new, I have a shirt that must be 7 or 8 years old, and some laptop speakers and my acoustic are in that range too


Oldest item of clothing:

Quite a few t-shirts from 20+ years ago.

Household item:

Ignoring furniture, my stereo is from 1994. quite a few other electronic goods are from the early 00s, too.


Snowboard boots date from 2002.

Recently had to throw away my Cincinnati reds t-shirt hand-me-down - 1989 vintage.


I’m wearing leather shoes that my dad first bought new in 1966. Of course they’ve been re-soled and heeled a couple of dozen times but I’m still pretty impressed that they’re still going strong. I also have two of his old suits, a couple of ties and shirts from around the same time period. All still near perfect condition.


Triggers shoe


Oldest item of clothing is a red Muse t-shirt from their 2006 tour. I’d get rid of it as I don’t wear it outside the house for obvious reasons but I like to remind myself that I can still fit into a top I had when I was 16.


I have an Aztec Camera t-shirt from 1988 and some saucepans from 1999.


‘Love’ era?


Off on hols tomorrow and need to dig out my trusty rucksack. Realised that it is now over 20 years old but still going strong


N.B. The T-shirt. Not the saucepans. Obvs


Yep. It’s a SIMH one.


Saw him twice on that tour :+1:


I didn’t see him until Stray sadly.