Things you've mistaken for something else.

Following @zxcvbnm2 disaster with a digestive and a tin of paint this afternoon. when have you mistakenly cocked up resulting in a hilarious situation for yourself?

I once picked up shaving foam instead of my spray deodorant, thankfully didn’t get very far into spraying it…

A good friendship with an attractive friend to romantic attraction to that friend.

Oh no


The Wilds being an entertaining TV show.

Oof, thread got dark quickly.

Any biscuits involved there?

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It was fine, they rejected me and then we both pretended it ever happened. Standard.

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In the aftermath, yes

Result :+1:

I once tried to drive a packet of hobnobs to work.


When I was a teenager and didn’t wear contact lenses, but was also too vain to wear my glasses when out and about, I was going back with someone after a night out and confidently signalled to what I thought was an approaching bus, only for the person I was with to point out it was actually a fire engine.


A reply of mine that I thought was very entertaining got zero likes once.


once bit a marble thinking it was a mint

A while back, a clubhouse in Newcastle laid on free bowls of snacks on the bar one Sunday lunchtime while NUFC were playing an FA Cup match. There were some delicious looking chunks of fudge brownie which I helped myself to, only to discover they were in fact cubes of black pudding.


I’m sure this has happened to lots of us but waking up roasting hot in a tent at a festival and grabbing a bottle of water that turns out to be vodka. Not something I’m going to forget in a hurry.

See also mistaking a lovely tasty beer with an empty one thats been used as an ash tray


Facewash that came in a tube and toothpaste. Both ways round. Unpleasant surprise first thing in the morning either way.


I’m trying to gauge which is worse. I think toothpaste on the skin could be quite refreshing so going to go for cleaning your teeth with facewash…

It’s like a gentle oaty scrub for eczema too- it has gritty bits

ooof. grim.

Holy shit, this has happened to me, except I was the datee.

Have we banged?