Things you've named after people


Do you name things after people who introduced you to said things?

(Inspired by the Bennifer thread where I recall some good meatballs made by an ex’s mum - in my house these are Cathyballs)

I also call all Oxalis plants Esther after the person who first gifted me one.

Any other examples?


My friend does this thing where if you’re changing from one wine to another and there’s a tiny drop left in the glass you pour a drop of the new wine in, swish it about, drink it before filling up the glass again.

She calls this a Petit Bernard, after her relative who introduced her to it. I now say this too.


The main (non recycling) bin is the Jeremy.

Because all of the peripheral bins get emptied into Jeremy the Core Bin


I named my kitchen tongs Jan Vertonghen. My jumpers are all called Terry.

The Terry thing is from when one of my mates took the piss out of me for wearing a jumper that looked like it was made from Terry toweling, nearly 20 years ago.


Our main bin is the Piers (Core Bin) because it’s full of worthless shit.

Not really we call it the black bin after Roger Black. Or possibly because it’s black.

I don’t think I do this with anything


When I was at uni we used to call large rolling papers “Christophers” after Christopher Biggins

My car is called Taylor.

Hanson obvs

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It’s a Suzuki Swift

I’ve named a bunch of streets after people, because that’s my job.

Our car is called Duke Silver after Ron Swanson’s smooth jazz alter-ego due to it being silver and having a license plate with letters and numbers that look like ‘Duke’.

I have three guitars. They are named Shirley (Manson, telecaster), Charlotte (Hatherley, baby SG) and Errol (Brown, acoustic). No particular reason.

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My ma does this a lot, ironing board is called Cuthbert, her set of house keys is called Phillip, there’s a radio clock called Wendel. It’s pretty exhausting, but also cute.

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My old band was named after the person that lent us a few instruments to play. Just their first name. (Michelle’s)

Y’know, it’s never even occured to me to name my guitars

I can’t think of any examples. Despite being so sentimental about inanimate objects that I have to pair my socks correctly so they don’t get lonely, I don’t name things.

Even when I was a kid, my stuffed toys either didn’t have names or were called things like “rabbit”. If I’m playing a game and have to name like a minecraft world or something, they’re always called 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on.

My boyfriend has this sloth shaped microwave heat pack that I use when I’m on my period and it’s not 36 degrees

I call it “the sloth”. My boyfriend corrects me and insists I call him by his proper name, Sir Lord Von Baron Von Slothington.

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when i make nachos i call them Viney Special Nachos but i guess that’s different coz i invented them

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Yes! Kinda

We cook something that we know as Greg Chicken. It’s a Nigel Slater recipe (chicken in ginger, lime and honey) and we cooked it for our friend Greg once. It just stuck from there.

Great story, CCB

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