Things you've never done in a kitchen



I’ve never deep fat fried anything


do that once every two weeks I reckon

I’ve never slaughtered a goat



Probably have done a wee in a kitchen tho

Wait, might have shat myself in a kitchen when I was a baby, who knows? Void response please.


What sort of things are you frying?


I see we’ve already got a good number of comedy answers in, so i’ll take my leave.


halloumi, tempura, bhajis: that kind of thing


Never sous vided anything, don’t think I ever will


never mandolined, but I’d very much like to


Flambeed something




deep fat fried halloumi?


someone at work has a sous vide machine indoors


well, battered halloumi, yeah:


Few seafood things:
Opened an oyster
Killed / boiled a crab or lobster
Made a bisque using all the heads and that


…although technically, I’m not deep fat fying as I just use a normal iron pan, not a deep fat fryer.


Never brined anything


Never plucked a bird.


^if anyone’s intending to follow that recipe, note that the batter proportions are wrong: you’ll need to add a bit more liquid.


You fucking liar


not sure i’d like that
but thanks anyway