Things you've never done in a kitchen



That’s understandable!
Might figure out a way to live stream my first grilling at some point. Thing is, when I was a child/teenager my mum didn’t let me in the kitchen really cause I’m such a liability so as an adult these things are quite the adventure


In my old flat I fried something and the oil bubbled up so much it overflowed everywhere and sank in to the electric workings of the hob and then a couple of days later it literally exploded.

I didn’t get away with reasonable wear and tear with the landlord on that one :pensive:


Is this the filth thread or not?


You should DEFINITELY livestream it.

My old housemate was like that when I started uni. He asked me how you make a pot noodle and I told him to fill it with water and put it on the hob. Thought it was a funny joke until he actually turned the hob on.


someone in my halls had never used an oven before, pre heated it for 15 minutes, then turned it off and stuck the food in


:smiley: I’m not that stupid (I hope), just v clumsy so certain things are asking for trouble aren’t they. Like leaving oven doors open, deep frying, etc


First flat I moved to in London the temperature numbers had scratched off the oven so I drew my own on a bit of paper, cut the middle out and sellotaped it over the dial. It was wildly inaccurate but somehow made me feel better?


might buy a George Foreman grill, don’t think my oven can grill stuff as it is


I have never done this.


second flat I had in London, the oven didn’t even have the dial - we had to use pliers to turn the heat up, and there were obviously no temperature numbers there either.


Sat cross-legged in front of the oven waiting for beige things to turn golden brown.


Anybody celebrated the big man with fridge magnets?


Have you only ever had electric cookers and/or fan assisted ovens? I mean I know there’s a grill setting in our fan oven but it’s a bit weird to use and I don’t really like it so these days grilling is a dead thing for me.

But I grew up with gas cookers where you had a separate grill and so you could grill the hell out of anything and, like @ma0sm we had no toaster.


I only ever used a deep fat fryer a couple of times in uni to quickly cook some frozen veggie burgers or chips but to be honest the oil would go so horrendously grim so quickly that I left it for the hardened (artery) meat-eaters


Yeah! I’ve never had a gas one with the separate grill bit on the top. They don’t seem to be about much anymore? Was just thinking about this in great detail while waiting for my crumpets to pop up haha


never whisked anything or used a rolling pin


cooked anything with meat


I can no longer say this on account of cooking for my daughter


Whisky business that, to be fair


yeah if I have kids idk what I’ll do - just make them vegetarian too by default or give them meat and risk poisoning them

(I actually dont think I could be around meat and the smell of it cooking and stuff so they’d probably just have to be veggie)