Things you've never done in a kitchen



My wife isn’t veggie a chicken is one of about 5 beige-only foods she eats :grimacing:

Touching raw chicken is utterly horrendous. Luckily it doesn’t smell too bad compared to other meats


I’d just be so worried about like what it’s touched and the spread of the bacteria

I would want one of those cameras that shows you bacteria


also, you know what, raising your kid vegetarian is absolutely fine

I was basically vegetarian as a kid except when my mum took me to McDonalds or I was staying at my grans




It is fine but I am a terrible parent in terms of being harsh and telling her she’ll just have to eat what she’s given.


Raising our son vegetarian - its all good apart from the occasional judgemental non-vegetarian claiming he needs meat to grow properly. Seem to get fewer of those each year thankfully.


very odd… I didn’t really eat meat and I was the tallest girl in my class in primary school


I still don’t trust toasters for this reason. Sketchy looking bastards the lot of them.


I’ve never played Scalextric with a badger in the kitchen.