Things you've never looked back from


Decisions you’ve taken without regret.

To add a layer of self-importance and grandeur I suggest that every post ends with “and I’ve never looked back”.


Cutting pizza with scissors.

Drying my hands on a tea towel.

Many more.


I agreed with this, and I’ve never looked back


Got a real stiff neck


Splurging (steady) on a bass that I’d wanted for maybe a decade. My playing to myself in the spare room has never sounded better.


trained in aeronautics and qualified as an aircraft engineer

jacked it all to study sound recording and i’ve never looked back


Waking up and getting out of bed by 7.30 at the weekends, it’s great and I’ve smugly never looked back


I quit my job to become a historian and I never looked back. It wasn’t long before I was fired


knocked the rear view mirror off my car and i’ve never looked back


Just saw a mouse run out from under the desk next to mine and further away into the office.

I’m trying really hard not to look back.


I feel guilty that no one has liked this post so far.

But 7.30, man.


Alarm is set for 6.50 I think…


Out on the road today I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac


You’re just making this worse.

(and you know it).


A d I’ve never looked back.

Tbf it’s gonna be much shitter in the winter when it’s cold and dark until 11am isnt it


Having crossed the Styx and soothed Cerberus to sleep, I bargained with Hades to return to me my dead wife. He said fine, she’ll follow me back to the mortal realm. Just a few steps behind. Trust me, she’ll be right there. Well, I believe him. But she hasn’t made a sound yet. I’m about halfway home and I’ve never looked back. But…


Breaking my neck