Things You've Never Tried And How Good You Think You'd Be At Them

Never driven a tractor, but reckon I’d be ok at it as you can drive them on fields

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Have never composed and produced an ambient electronica LP.

I reckon that I would be amazing at it but I am basing this feeling on nothing whatsoever and my actual attempt would probably be laughably bad.

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Never kicked a chicken over a fence. Reckon I could do it in 3 attempts (5’ fence).


Never been on ITV’s The Cube and I reckon I’d get to £10,000 at least.

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Who would you take on as your partner on the Generation Game?

I would take my partner as my partner on the Generation Game

I’ve never been on ITV’s The Chase, I reckon I’d get £6000 in the cash builder round but would be caught in the final chase

I’ve never been on ITV’s Tipping Point, I would win the £10,000

Never sung ‘Jet’ by Wings in karaoke but reckon I’d nail it.


She’s the same generation you dufus!

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Oh yeah, wait, what do I have to do?

Eating a banana.

Reckon I could gobble that fruity fuck right off.

u fucking WOT M8?

I’ll pick for you, you are going on with your mother-in-law.

apparently if you dont win you still keep the money you built up


never walked a tightrope.

do not think i would be much good unfortunately

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Don’t think I would be a very good DJ but reckon I could pull some good faces

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Never ridden a motorbike.

I’d probably fall off.

Stay safe