Things You've Never Tried And How Good You Think You'd Be At Them



Never ridden a motorbike.

I’d probably fall off.


Stay safe


I’ll stick to vehicles with 4 or more wheels for the time being.



Never played squash, but I reckon I’d be rad.


surprisingly tiring sport. I mean it’s obviously tiring but oh my god!


Pole vaulting. I’d be champion I’m sure


Lots of running, it looks like. I’m an experienced badminton and tennis player, though, so I reckon I could turn my hand to squash reasonably successfully.


never sailed a yacht, but i reckon if someone pointed me at france i could make it across the channel, and, more importantly, i would look great dressed in nautical themed clothing.


Snowboarding. I plan to see if I’m right within the next few months.


I’ve never wrestled an alligator and I think I would resign myself to death before even giving it a go, which would probably not give me the mental edge required to pull it off


Never ridden a horse. I am actually going to do this fairly soon. Will either be shit-hot or shit at it


Never been on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ but would probably win £500,000 if I tried it.


Oh this is part of our itinerary in Costa Rica. I’m going to ride a horse for the first time ever at some ranch in the middle of a national park, halfway up the side of a volcano. What could possib-lie go wrong there?


Yes! I really want to go on Catchphrase!



That Who Dares Wins thing with yer man off DIY SOS is shit… but I reckon I could boss it