Things you've never tried that you reckon you'd be great at

I would probably be great at stand-up comedy, reckon I could easily entertain between 500-1000 people for a few hours or however long their sets usually are.




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yeah, you are mr muscle.

(not the weedy bloke with the marigolds)


what’s that?

I think it’s just like the boss. I’m calm under pressure.

Sumo wrestling.

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Noise a pigeon makes of course.

yeah don’t be typecast!

Bookstore nerd by day, shot-put beast at night

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I’ll make a note of this for my routine, thanks

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I believe I am and hopefully You’ll think so too.

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I saw some really annoying people talking about brexit in Wales on the TV news yesterday, totally believe I’d be good at running the country. I’d just admit things are complicated all the time and delegate to people smarter than me.

consider it done

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spooning @xylo

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Hubris. Don’t know what it is, but I reckon I’d be great at it.


it means excessive pride or self-confidence.

I ought to give Richard Herring the credit for his joke really oughtn’t I?


nah, doubt he gives a shit

got no time for comedians who moan about people stealing their jokes, it’s a joke mate, just some words you thought up.

That football golf thing.