Things you've not had since you were a kid but have now had and need to share

Pretty sure I have not had ribena cordial since I was a child. Then the other day I was really thirsty in the shop and bought a bottle of Ribena premixed and drank it going round the shop. It was so delicious and cold that I bought a bottle of the cordial.

God it’s good. Why did I abandon this.

Your turn.

Ribena is nice hot too


Got bang into ribena again last year and then forgot about it. Gonna get bang into it again now

Got a tin of Heinz spaghetti hoops with sausages in the cupboard that’s been there for A While and I’m saving for a very distinct kind of hangover. Don’t think I’ve had them as an adult


Never liked Ribena, but I did like orange squash, because citrus > berries. Recently my daughter has been having some Robinsons peach squash thing and I’ve started helping myself, it’s quite nice.

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berries are far superior.

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never had a berry drink that ‘quenched’ my thirst.


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you need a ribena

Were those the ice pops in long plastic sleeves that shredded the edges of your mouth as you ate them? Because they were great.


Similarly, had one of those cider ice lollies a couple of weeks ago. Had literally not even thought about them in about 25 years but quite fancied one during a walk then came across a retro ice cream van about 5 minutes later who had them. That sounds like it was a dream but it actually happened.

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Best berry cordial: