Things you've noticed changing about you as you get older


Think I like Nick Cave about 5% more per year of my existence. started at about 10% aged 18, am now at bout 60%.


Penis Darkness


hairs where before there were no hairs


it is weird listening to music I remember not really resonating with me as a kid / younger adult that totally works now


Also, no hairs where before there were hairs


Having pints on your own is often better than with people


Fucking love the tories


oh, actually as well… I used to be kind of creeped out (as in I’d get an inexplicably uncomfortable feeling) by old 60s/70s movie soundtracks, the look of old film stock, and stuff like that. Totally dig the look / sound of those things now.


More tolerant and less tolerant at the same time.

Want to sit down a lot more


Declining ability to engage in conversation.


Increasingly interested in certified bangers


Tell me more


Much happier to walk to/around places


More appreciative of family


Joints ache a bit in the morning
My tolerance to booze has fallen off a cliff


Free range sausages?


Less freaked and by/scared of animals: can pick up spiders now, walk on the same side of the street as (most) dogs, was only mildly surprised when I saw a mouse in the kitchen rather than jumping out of my skin, that sort of stuff.


I cannot easily get up from tying my shoelaces.
Aches and pains where before there were none.
I have little interest in interacting with/befriending people I don’t already know.
I now very much enjoy the music of Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.


Prof K at 88.

“I like Nick Cave 700% more than anyone else on this planet!”


fancy everyone
hangovers make me want to die