Things you've read/watched all of and you don't know why

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colleen rooney, PI thread


I went straight from that article^ to the clean rooney thread. Quite an afternoon!

Game of Thrones


I’m really bored but I’m still not ready for whatever that link is you posted. shaq rapping? or someone else talking about shaq rapping? nah

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the show is one thing, but having read all of the books is such a slap in the face.

5000+ pages and 2000 named characters and… it’s never going to be finished.

Fuck off.

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Sons Of Anarchy
Great British Bake Off 2019


It’s all about the journey, not the destination

why not both??

The Vampire Diaries.

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That fella on YouTube trying to walk across Wales in a straight line.

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fine but the journey has stopped 5/7ths of the way through because the car is on fire so I’m not best pleased

Big Bang Theory - not all all, but definitely proactively chose to watch it for a good few years beyond it just being background noise while cooking. Even went and downloaded the latest eps the day after they aired ffs


This x 1000

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you still reading it?

Lord of the Rings. Books and the films.
Shite. Don’t @ me

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S1 of this.

It’s really terrible but will probably now watch S2. I like the forest setting I guess.

Looks like UncleRetrospectives back on the…

Don’t @ me

Oh. OK.

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The Patrick Rothfuss Kvothe/Name of the Wind books. And I’m looking forward to the third one. But they’re pish. The absolute worst excesses of male power fantasy… fantasy.

There’s an outside chance that this is all a huge setup to a massive reveal that the protagonist is an unreliable narrator and all the previous stuff is mythologising that’ll be turned on his head, but on the other hand there were about three chapters where he got taught how to be the best shagger the world has ever known by an actual deity of sex and the author looks like this


so, y’know