Think I hate Manchester city centre


Can’t decide if city centres are inherently shit or whether I just don’t like Manc cos I’m used to it. Piccadilly Gardens is a shithole.

It’s just a bigger version of Wigan.


What do you think of the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre?


With increasing rent prices AND the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre it’s a wonder they don’t go under.


more like Manchester SHITTY centre!!!11


Liverpool in comparison is a lovely little place


I’m not a huge fan of Glasgow city centre


more like LOVELYpool!!!


Manchester’s a mess. Most city centres in the UK are bad tbf, Sheffield’s feels like it’s been hollowed out.

Glasgow isn’t too bad in comparison.


Try going to fallowfield barls, jusr walked throughit



I suppose we do have Wellington wi a cone on his heid


It’s depressing. Probably the worst major city centre in Britain. Absolutely soulless and doesn’t serve a purpose beyond being a transport hub. Most annoyingly is it used to be one of the nicest. The below photo’s from the 70s, but it was like that until the mid-90s, then someone decided to fill it with concrete…


Bloody hell, didn’t realise that. What a shame.


What does barls mean?


The IRA need to pull their finger out. Think it’s due a redevelopment.


never been to Manchester. would you believe.


this is pretty poor taste, champ


It’s ‘edgy’ at worst


Get away with you. All this week I’ve been sitting outside of the cathedral on my lunch break, chomping down on my butties, thinking what a pleasant place it is. That’s a good few hundered square metres of nice that is, nothing like it in Wigan (only been to Wigan about one time).


Wigan is considerably worse in fairness


Thats the best bit probably