Think I may have just broken my ankle :(


Got caught under my gate as I was closing it.
It is really swollen, bruised and about as painful as when I had back surgery.

Cheer me up please DIS.


Would you like me to call you an ambulance?


why was your ankle sore when you had back surgery?


Yeah it looks broken from here


Referred pain from the sciatica :slight_smile:


Try this


Pretty sure that’ll tell me I have cancer


I once read about someone who injured their ankle in a revolving door and they died from it, so you should get it checked out.


Bowl of RICE


I could post a pic but that could get me banned


Then it’s best you do it asap so you can start treatment!




Don’t ignore it. Bob Marley made that mistake after Danny Baker trod on his toe


I think we all want to see a picture so we can judge for ourselves




Hope you haven’t and if you have I wish you a speedy recovery, Trev


Cheers mate


Go to a&e or a drop in clinic you numpty. Or call 111


And if you do this and get the IVR that asks you for your location before getting through to a nurse, please let me know how your experience of the system was.


Will be heading shortly - Can’t drive on it unfortunately so have to wait for my wife to get home from work.
In the meantime, have it iced & elevated while on a work conf call (which I obviously have no interest in right now)