Think I might be channeling the dead

Was just watching a film witha song in it that reminded me of a record my grandad used to play (my son the celebrity by Alan Sherman) couldn’t think of the name do I had to text my aunt who’s sick and is also looking after a sick friend. Knew it felt a bit glib asking about this record at such a time but felt compelled to do it. She said ‘ooh, funny that because it was your grandads anniversary on the 6th and his town’s feast day today’! He was Maltese! I think he might want to listen to that record with me! I also iTunes gifted it to my bro for Christmas in case he was trying to get a message to him!

It’s a great record :slight_smile:



Can’t say it sounds like it’s for me but I’ll try to listen to it if I can find it on Spotify

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great album cover!


That’s a great record, though I prefer the slightly more obvious choice of My Son, The Nut. My grandad really likes Allan Sherman and Tom Lehrer so I was exposed to a lot of this sort of thing when I was younger.

Also a lovely way for your grandfather to give you a wave! I’m pretty cynical and science-led, but I like this sort of thing a lot.


Well you either are or you aren’t