Think I need to get some


Winter socks.

What kinda price am I looking at?


What’s the difference between winter socks and summer socks?


Paging @thewarn (you know, I never owned a pager)


I thought this was going to be a thread about being sexually frustrated. Shame it’s not, I was going to empathise heartily :confused:


Two pairs of normal socks, big maaan. Job done.


oh feel free to go at it


Thicker I guess


Same. I definitely need the ride. Ain’t happening any time soon though.




Sorry m9, just had mine. Drink instead?


this is no good. no good at all


keep yer socks on



Business socks cos it’s business time?


I would also like some of both 1) ‘some’, and 2) winter socks.


If you’ve got cider, yes please.

Might have a cider in the bath now actually.


Think you need to get some fucking chat mate!!11


wearing the thick rat socks. fourth day on the spin, give or take sleeps, baths and other related shit.


Business socks for the business of going to the shop in the next hour.

No cider here actually. Weird, there’s normally some.

I’m going to have a beer and read some books I think. No bath in this house.


I’m in bed now with the heating on and me feet are still cold. Definitely a circulation thing I reckon