Think I will cut my nails at my desk this afternoon.

How does that make you feel?


Scissors on a penknife

Ah, the swiss way.

In that case: largely ambivalent. Just don’t get any in your colleagues roast potatoes.

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He’s already eaten from the food van today. Pasty, some beans with something and a sandy.

A sandy what

Ham sandy

Pasty AND a Sandy? Good eating

pssst balonz, where IS everyone?

I do this a lot. People never commented but when I casually mentioned “hmmm, curious, there are a lot of nail clippings trapped in my keyboard?” my neighbour snapped “THAT’S BECAUSE YOU CUT YOUR NAILS AT YOUR DESK”.

Well really!

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Don’t know but zxcvbnm’s had just turned up

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Someone audibly tutted at me on the train when I was biting all my nails methodically. deserved it tbh.

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This is why hotdesking is a nightmare

I love doing stuff like this

I might FILE a complaint

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