Think I'm done

I’m off. Can’t cope with the sneer of some frequent posters, not in my current state of mind. Will miss the good guys.

If anyone wants to stay in touch I’m 07861776082.

Cant work out how to delete my account. Can a mod do that please?

Sorry to hear this - hope you’re doing ok otherwise, and I look forward to more CD updates.


Aw man, What happened? Is it not something a muting or two can take care of?



I can strongly recommend a good muting if anyone is negatively inpacting your experience here.

Sorry to see you go if it’s beyond that.


Do exactly what you need - but I’d hope a little break and or some mutings of users or threads would allow you to stay for all the stuff you enjoy about dis

Be well anyway, hope to see you around


Absolutely your call with deleting your account ofc, but sometimes just signing out for a little bit and having a bit of a break can do the trick. I’ve done it a few times when I’ve been feeling a bit tired of it and it’s tended to help. Delete option is always there in the future if you decide a permanent break’s for the best.

Hope you’re doing ok anyway.


If that’s what you go for I think you need to tag them

:frowning: that sucks, although I know the feeling


We can either anonymise your account or fully delete the account and all your posts. If that’s what you want to do, let us know which option you want (preferably by DMing @moderators). I hope you’ll take up others’ suggestions to stick around and use the mute option but it’s totally up to you. We’ll be sorry to see you go

Would be a shame to see you go - not sure what’s happened in other threads to trigger this as I’ve not been able to be on as much lately but I think we have a fairly amiable bunch on here and would imagine the same conversations in person may not have come across so sneering - think there’s something difficult about expressing and interpreting tone on a white screen.

Also maybe worth muting a few users if they are contributing to negative feelings. Surprised nobody thought to mention this already.

Really sorry to hear this mate

I’ve taken your number if you do delete your account as I will need some of your wit on many occasion

Take care X

It’ll be a shame to not have you here. Like it’s been suggested upthread, please do consider having a break and seeing how you feel. I do hope you’ll still post in voicenote club, but in any case - take care of yourself

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