Think i've lost my black jumper




Damn! I’ve lost my black jumper
I’d something something
something safe and warm
Shucks! For me there is no other



I hope you find it


Alright, Niall O’Flaherty


Might ask at the hotel reception. Think I might’ve left it there at breakfast yesterday.


Where did you last see it? Cos I reckon it’ll be there.


Good idea, if that is what happened I’m pretty sure the hotel will have some kind of lost property system in place for you to reclaim it


Going to the King of Prussia mall tomorrow evening. Might buy a new one


This is just a thinly-veiled I’m on holiday eating breakfast in hotels thread.


No it isn’t, it’s about how he thinks he’s lost his black jumper.


I’m here on work. I’m on DiS because the system is down and the IT guy is ‘bouncing’ the server.


I think the veil is too thin for your eyes pal.


Have you asked him if he’s seen your black jumper?


I hope you find your jumper or at the very least buy yourself a similar or slightly nicer jumper tomorrow evening.


need to ask what bouncing a server is first! or I could make a thread…


And your mother will be so, so angry
And your brother will be so, so angry
And your girlfriend will be so, so angry
And your dog will be so, so angry


Are we all done making “banned act” jokes yet?


speaking of which, one of the boys was playing system of a down earlier, what a fucking racket