Think I've suddenly developed an allergy to mushrooms wtf


Like one of my favourite things as well


what happens to you if you eat them?


Must be quite a tight squeeze to get things in your fridge now


EDIT… why?


Was hoping someone would give me the set up for the ‘cause there’s not mushroom in there’ punchline, yes


is one of the symptoms, start threads and then disappear?


@foppyish @Sketches diarrhoea

Had it for two days last week and then returned to normal on Saturday

Saturday and Sunday night I made meals with loads of mushrooms in and today I’m back at square one… so it must be something I’ve eaten? I assumed I had mild food poisoning or a stomach bug until my symptoms returned today after completely disappearing on Saturday


Trehalose intolerance


I’ve got ebola, AIDS, cancer and hypochondria


You sound like a fungi


does it make you swell up so it doesnt leave mushroom for anything else?


Unlucky mate. Love mushrooms.


Whole lot of shiittakes itt


Shrimp is high in trehalose and I’ve had similar symptoms in the past after green thai curry

So there

Gonna keep an eye on it and see if there’s any consistency