Think shawn michaels is the best wrestler of all time

him or rick flair. michaels for me though. complete all rounder. damned sexy too.


I don’t care about the technical side of wrestling like all the nerds, so purely on crowd pops and attitude and being cool it’s Stone Cold for me Clive


on those terms it’s the Rock for me Clive

but best wrestler wrestler what I like is bret hart

what’s the cuntiest answer possible ITT?

Christopher Daniels maybe?


Mostly based my decision on when he came back to save team WWF and JR couldn’t handle it



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Think all round it’s Kurt Angle tbh imo


Always had a soft spot for Triple H.


Kevin Steen

I’m in Alberta right now, waiting for the right moment to drop him into conversation

His match with Shawn Michaels kinda means you are both right

It is Ric Flair objectively, and Bret Hart is technically a better wrestler, but Michaels was involved in so many incredible matches and moments… some of which involve him being an intolerable drugged up cunt but hey at least he atoned for that in his (proper) comeback.

Don’t think anything will come close to having the rock, stone cold, Angle, Foley, triple h and taker all fighting each other regularly at (or nearly at) their prime.


Halcyon days indeed. This was the last time I was big into wrestling. All went downhill fast when they did the Raw/Smackdown draft.
One of my favourite wrestling moments was when HBK won the title in the first Elimination Chamber match.

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Daniels, Styles, Punk, Samoa Joe all in their primes on TNA was pretty sweet tbf


i think i would put the rock up there as well actually. he was genuinely hilarious as well as ridiculously charismatic.

i’m told it’s shite now apart from the women’s division but there was a glorious period from 97 - 2002 when wwf could do no wrong. the level of violence was beautifully appalling at times. shawn michaels return around 2002ish was the first time i’d seen him in action and his work was brilliant. plus he was a high risk bumper and sold moves really well.

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Actually the draft was pretty good in its first year, gave us the smackdown six and michaels amazing return

Punk was never on TNA he fought Joe in ROH I’m pretty sure.

That Styles joe Daniels triple threat :heart::heart::heart:

Last couple years have been good, this year… not so much

If y’all have never seen Cena vs Punk mitb 2011 please do. It’s probably the only WWF match from this decade worth watching

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