Think the Brexit loons have decided it's going to be okay



I get the impression they’ve mistaken the small recoveries shown by the markets since the vote result as a sign that all the gloom-sayers were wrong, without realising they were predicting dire things after we left not if we voted to leave.

Anyway, wonder if the government’s worked out how to not do it yet?


Slightly irked that the tagging system removes CamelCase to make me look like some kind of internet n00b, tbh.


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So much this.


At least we got our country back though, eh?


david davis let slip that we’re unlikely to remain a member of the single market (this is of course different from single market access). i think it’s gonna happen for real.

think leave voters are a mix of: people who will be filthy rich whatever happens, people who will make money out of it, people who have nothing to lose anyway, people who think on balance it’s worth it to take back control, people who don’t have a clue what’s going on, people who regret the decision.


Make Great Britain Greaterer - again!


Fucking LOVIN’ all the sovereignty, mayte!


The pound is only worth 10.2% less against the dollar, and 9.5% less against the euro since the referendum, so as long as you don’t leave the country, you’ll be OK.


I’m trying not to think about it because every time I do I get SO CROSS


Feels a bit like when I was in school and the teacher would tell us at the start of term that there was some EXAM FROM HELL that we needed to prepare for… but every day would pass and there’d be no mention of the EXAM FROM HELL. And eventually we’d start believing that the EXAM FROM HELL would never actually happen.


forgot about this


Brexit means Brexit

Would really love a little bit more detail on this gang.


it means that they don’t know what brexit means but want to sound hard line (I think)


*people who think they have nothing to lose anyway


There are Brexit Brexits, and there are Unbrexit Brexits. There are Brexit Unbrexits, and there Unbrexit Unbrexits. As I understand it, May is in favour of the third option and Corbyn is behind the second.


Curious to see how brexiters will spin the months if not years of trading negotiations that will happen if the UK leaves the single market.


The interesting thing is what the Brexiters will do in two years time when they notice that there are still an awful lot of people in the country who don’t look like them.


The Express headline yesterday was crowing that the fact house prices had risen meant Brexit had clearly been a success. Utterly depressing that pricing a generation out of owning their own homes is now considered cause for celebration.