Think the DrownedInSound Social board is good now?


Well imagine how good it will be in 10 years!

Can’t wait.


No, no I don’t…



Very positive thread, thank you for sharing


Ban request!


Jordo my lad, you’ve done it again.


Imagine if we’re all still here in ten years… I think it must have been about ten years since I first signed up?



can’t wait!


The ‘hot feet’ thread from the old boards is still the best.


That’s ten different 300 reply threads on flu jabs we’ll have to look back on!


There’ll be at least two more Radiohead and six more Weezer albums to rank


is @hermano still around?


Laughed out of town.


hope we get some new people joining in the next ten years


Imagine if in ten years we all get forced to meet up and hold hands whilst getting lowered into a furnace